We are a forward thinking start -up with big dreams, located in Claremont, Cape Town.

We encourage you to come and have the LAVISH experience which will always be fully customized to your needs!

Aside from our passionate commitment to beauty world domination, we are focused on a unusually high standard of client service, have an unwaivable belief in not cutting corners in our treatments, especially where hygiene is concerned.

The owner of LAVISH has over 12 years in the industry, is a cosmetic scientist and has done various other skin courses, after working  and managing in other spas for 10 years, decided to start a salon that held to her own ideals.

Our specially chosen ranges of Lamelle and Esse offers you the best in skincare products, for professional and home use. This way you can be assured of a solid skin care program to bring out the best results.

All your other beauty wants from your eyebrow shaping needs right down to the ultimate in cracked heel treatments can be found at LAVISH all to be had in a comfortable and luxurious surroundings.

Book today, we would love to meet you!  #FeelLavished